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Welcome to Rockville Equipment . For over 30 years we have been offering you the best in outdoor power equipment sales and service. We are family owned and operated and fully intend to stay that way for years to come. That's why we say, "Rockville Equipment...a modern family business doing it the old fashioned way". And now we are 3 generations strong!
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TimeCutter with enhanced Smart Speed and new steering wheel models. Homeowners now have a new tractor alternative with Toro’s TimeCutter® SW Series zero-turn tractors. The new models combine the maneuverability and time-savings of a zero-turn mower with the familiar ease of a steering wheel and speed control pedal, much like a car or tractor. The expanded Smart Speed control system on new TimeCutter models features three speed ranges — Trim, Tow and Mow — that can be changed on the fly. The low-speed “Trim” mode can be used for trimming, parking and training. The medium-speed “Tow” mode is designed for use when pulling attachments, bagging or mulching. And the top-speed “Mow” mode is ideal for mowing wide-open areas.


The Ethanol in our gasoline is at 10%. At that level it has been causing many issues to our small engines.  In some cases even destroying them.  Now the government is thinking  about raising it to 15% or higher.  This will not work in our engines.  The Outdoor Power Equipment institute (OPEI) produced this video to inform you what your responsibility is.  Please look at it before you make an irreversible mistake.

If you already have problems because of ethanol, then you know how difficult it can be to rectify.  Ethanol Shield is the only additive on the market that helps prevent all known issues from carbon to water.

Ask us about Ethanol Shield.  Comes in multiple size bottles.


Model LZS801KA604

Receive a FREE Full Suspension Seat--A $599.95 Value

with purchase.

Plus a $500 Instant Rebate

Only Three Units left.

On November 19, 2014, the owner of Rockville Equipment was recognized by the local Exchange Club for his continued support and charitable donations over the past 25 years.  David Gochee was awarded the "Jerry Bundy Award" for his long time donation.  In a short speech, David said that it was the work of the whole family, including Chris, Jim and Joe, and that it will continue even after his retirement.  The exchange Club helps organizations like Kid Safe in Rockville



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